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Our holding company Uganda Wildlife Safaris, has been since 2008 in the process of acquiring management rights to 8 different areas of land, called ‘concessions’. The concessions are:

  • Luwero,
  • Nakaseke,
  • Nakasongola,
  • Kiboga,
  • Kyankwansi,
  • Masindi
  • Kiryandongo
  • former Aswa-Lolim Game Reserve (Nwoya Distrct)
  • Okidi Hills (Amuru District)
  • Ajai Wildlife Reserve (Arua District)

As of 2015, these lands cover 10,000km2. In these areas, the company works closely with the Uganda Wildlife Authority in anti-poaching actions, community development initiatives, and wildlife and environment conservation efforts.

We also dedicate a huge amount of resources to rejuvenate old and defunct wildlife reserves, by development of infrastructure, reintroduction of game and active management on site.

The group’s operations in this direction vary based on the different areas’ characteristics, opportunities and challenges. For each of the areas the aim is to manage it with the intention to restore a sustainable, long term balance between the resident communities, the environment and the wildlife. A successful restoration will, and already has in some areas, allow for different types of land use, including that of low impact eco-tourism.

One of the areas UWS is currently focusing its conservation efforts is the Ajai Game Reserve. For example, the management plan for this area includes the re-introduction of wildlife.