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Welcome to Uganda Wildlife Photographic Safaris!

We are a tour company operating exclusive safaris across Uganda. Our tours will take you to experience the stunning beauty of this country, particularly in our private game reserves. We specialize in photographic safaris, with particular attention to birding and cultural visits.

Although we just recently began our operations the company was registered in 2009 under Uganda Wildlife Safaris (UWS). In fact we are part of a larger group of companies whose focus is on conservation. You can read more about this in the Eco-tourism pages of our website.

Uganda Wildlife Photographic Safaris aims to contribute to these efforts by operating in a sustainable and eco-conscious manner, while taking travellers to discover new corners of Uganda.

Our mission is to create unique and exclusive journeys in which you’ll be truly in touch with nature.

Our vision is to transform all tourism activities in Uganda responsible and sustainable in all its aspects: environmental, socio-cultural and economical.

Why Uganda, Why With Us

If you’re on our page then you might already have set your mind on visiting Uganda. All the same, take a moment to read about what makes Uganda a unique destination and why take your journey with us.

Uganda has been dubbed ‘the pearl of Africa’ since Churchill visited the country in the early 1900s and described it as such. If compared to other African nations, it is a country of small dimensions but of diverse landscapes and peoples. The population is of 36.8 million people and is comprised of 24 different ethnic groups. Uganda lies on the equator, has the largest lake of Africa, Lake Victoria. You can expect a classically tropical climate with rainy and dry seasons and humidity and temperatures that vary based on altitudes. Uganda’s tourism sector is shaped by the country’s biodiversity, natural and cultural resources, thus offering primarily adventure, activity or nature based and in general, low-impact, small-scale tourism.

Now, why choose to travel with UWPS? The answer is simple: we will take you to the untouched Uganda, to experience it in comfort, to be the only person as far as you can see to the horizon.

Exclusive Private Game Reserves

As part of the UWS group, we have exclusive access to operating tourism activities in the concession areas the group manages. These areas are much alike to private game reserves, and certain amongst them will in fact be turned into game reserves. This means that by travelling with us, you’ll be the only visitors/tourists there.


Recently, Uganda has attracted attention for having a large and varied number of bird species. In fact, Uganda is the country for birders. There are three main types of ecosystems in Uganda (wetlands, forests, savannas) and five different biomes as well. As a result of Uganda’s great diversity of habitats, despite its small size this equatorial country hosts over 1,100 species of birds. These represent 60% of bird species found in Africa, and 11% of the whole world. On the private game reserves and areas that we take you to, you’ll be able to enjoy the birdlife in its untouched habitats. Having no interference from other tourists will make your excursions unique and more intimate with Mother Nature.

Special Treatment

During your UWPS safari you’ll be treated to a real experience in the bush, in contact with nature. We believe in creating truly special moments for our clients. One of the ways we do this is by offering services that are unique to us. We will organise sunrise bush breakfasts, sundowners with fresh cocktails and bush BBQs under the stars. And these will be included in whichever safari package you pick.

Cultural Visits

Uganda is a country with a rich history and culture, 24 ethnic groups and as many different languages. In general, Ugandans have a reputation for being a happy, very friendly people. A responsible use of the concessions owned by our parent company calls for a good, continuous collaboration and coordination with the local residents. So UWPS makes it a point to involve the communities in the tourism activities not only by distributing our income through the adjacent communities, but also by educating our clients. We believe that community walks and cultural visits are an integral part of our tours. Read more about our cultural tours in the Safaris section.